Should I Add a Sunroom to My Home?

To many people, the idea of adding a sunroom is something that has been on their wish list for years – perhaps decades – and at last they are ready to get going. But wait! Should you? Before you go out and spend money to add a sunroom in Port Ewen, NY, consider the following.

Will I actually use it? Many wonderful after-market additions have been locked up on nice days and left open on others when no one was home to enjoy them. Addition is not an “on/off” switch – it’s more like a dimmer switch. You have to leave it on, and then you can adjust the brightness as you need. This means that even when it is cold outside, the sunroom has got to be warm enough or comfortable enough for you to want to stay in it. If this is not true now and will never be true, then you may want to consider something different.

Do you have sufficient sunlight? Sunrooms do not work well in the shade. If you have a neighbor’s house or large tree that shades your property, think long and hard before adding a sunroom – it will end up being very dark inside most of the time. Also, sunlight is best when it comes from one direction, so if you are trying to grow something like lettuce or strawberries, just be sure to pick a spot where you get at least five hours of sunlight in one direction.

As with many home improvement projects, adding a sunroom is often easier said than done, but if it will solve problems or create better living conditions for you and your family it can still be the right move. Just consider carefully whether a sunroom is right for you.

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