Tips For Installing A Ceiling Fan

As a homeowner and a married man, it is important that our home stays cool. With my wife, if she is hot or uncomfortable then I will never hear the end of it. This is why we decided to have a ceiling fan installed in our bedroom last week. The problem with this was that I don’t have the tools or knowledge to do it properly. So, I went in search of a handyman in my area in matthews, nc for assistance.

How to install a ceiling fan?

Firstly, you should check for any local building codes or regulations. Some areas may require you to hire an electrician for this type of job. This is something that needs to be done ahead because this can cost you more in the long run.

When checking for building code regulations before installing a ceiling fan, you should also check your home’s wiring system. If you have older wiring then this could be a fire hazard and it could blow your circuit breaker every time you use the fan. This is something that can be easily checked by hiring an electrician.

If your home has been updated recently then you should be able to easily install a ceiling fan by following these simple steps:

First, remove the old light fixture and clean the mounting plate with rubbing alcohol. Then cover the wood with a thin layer of drywall compound.

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Next, place the new mounting plate over the wood and hold it into place with screws. Once this is in place you can easily install your ceiling fan by attaching its mounting hardware to the mounting plate.

When choosing a ceiling fan for installation in your bedroom, make sure that you choose one that has a remote that allows you to control the amount of air circulation in the room. This will save you time and energy because it controls the fan speeds, so you won’t have to keep getting up out of bed to adjust it during the night.